Saturday, April 07, 2007

One a penny, Two a penny.

It's almost 1 am, I desperately want to go to bed, but my house smells amazing, because I've just pulled these out of the oven.

I must admit I feel a little smug that they've actually turned out (and yes, they're not food stylist quality), but I've not actually tasted them yet, and I'm planning on taking them to hanami tomorrow - this may be the undoing of my self-imposed Martha Stewart reputation.

I've never actually had an Easter without hot cross buns. Last year, when Mum and my sister, Chloe, came to visit me, they very very carefully and very secretly carried over some hot cross buns from Lawley's bakery in Highgate, which I promptly stashed in my freezer so that they'd perhaps last a little longer. I've tried making hot cross buns at home before, but they've always turned out rock hard, but this year, they're light and fluffy and with a little more practise, I think I've finally found a recipe that works.

Hot cross buns, chu hai and sakura. Sounds like the beginning of a great weekend.

Gratuitous sakura shot

Happy Easter!

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