Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Card Society.

In the day and age of the uber-fast instant messaging, right here rightnow communications world, I still find something like these cards infinitely appealing. I love the idea of receiving handmade cards that are all wrapped in a pretty parcel for me to then send on to somewhere else in the world. I may then actually be enticed to tear myself away from email and my bad habit of using Bridget Jones-esque sentences and start writing real letters.

And on that note (bang bang), while I'm being old-fashioned and cantankerous, I've recently redeveloped my hatred of the word 'ya', as in 'how are ya?'. It doesn't imply casualness, or a greater sense of Australian identity and it annoys me intensely that it's apparently too hard to write one extra letter. So, be warned, in future, should you ever refer to me as 'ya', you'll get some snarky reply that will be written in god-awful internet code that will be completely indecipherable.

Or maybe, I'll have a change of heart and send you a gently guiding message of perfect grammar and spelling on real paper with a stamp.

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