Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow fun

For the first time this season, when I looked out the window, and it was snowing, for the very first time, I was all 'seriously Japan, again? Are we not done with the snow in Ono which used to be so unusual and wonderful in it's unexpectedness?'. It's been snowing a couple of times a week at least in Ono since January, and it finally looks like it's going to get warmer and we have glorious days of sunshine, and I have hope for actually getting some clothes dry and then, on the week where I have to spend literally hours in the gym for graduation, the time when I actually want it to be warmer (because I'm happy with the snow, really, it's so pretty and it means there's more snowboarding to be had), the sun has a tantrum and takes its ball and goes home again for several days, leaving the neighborhood bully, the cold wind and his friends, gloom and overcast to push everyone else around and make sure that we all know that winter is still clinging and that putting the thermals away just now would be somewhat silly.

I'm off to the Ono onsen tomorrow night with a few of the girls from Miki and Ono There's nothing like getting nude with a bunch of girls and hanging out in a great big bath outdoors. I will miss onsens when I leave Japan. I just don't think Swanbourne, Perth's only nudist beach, and the closest thing to an onsen, is going to be quite the replacement I'll be looking for.

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