Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Babelfish: Anti-Douglas Adams Style

"I thought but the thougt that the friend whom I would become helped was wrong somehow since I went... However, I cannot be able to just come back because I was at a loss"
Courtesy of class 2-8 who are a business English class (ie. they only study English that may be applicable in a business travel field - kind of a last resort language class).

Good grief. This is taken from the opening paragraph of essay number one. And on a quick flick through, it appears Babelfish or some other equally shite translator has mutilated previously understandable Japanese and turned it into the carnage above. Fantastic. Only another 39 to enjoy completely defacing with a tightly gripped red pen.

And the opening sentence of the next essay?
"Koshien of this summer was contiunation of an impression, too."

Babelfish. Responsible for intense gaijin frustration all over Japan.


Stephanie said...

Hi Amy!

Just a reminder: BBM packages are due today!

If you're dealing with delays, or have already shipped, please let me know.


neil said...

Poor you, I have no idea what that sentence means though I've sometimes found that all languages become comprehensible after a little vodka, amazing no?