Friday, September 22, 2006

See It Now

I love watching movies by myself. There's an allowed space and time and stillness after that you can sit back and think, muse and digest what you've just seen, subconsiously filing away small parts to potentially be used again. No-one interupts and you're able to meander through with your thoughts undisturbed.

For me, the depth of what I retain comes mainly from the degree in which I'm able to be lost within a story. It's not often that I can be completely captivated for two hours and not notice the time going past. And unlike the numerous hours of my life that I have squandered watching America's Next Top Model (happily, vappidly, vacuously, mind you), I won't be wishing back the time I spent watching Crash.

For a movie that's merely about how people interact with one another and their preconcieved stereotypes, it's also surprising in how it's able to challenge the viewer's own stereotypes. It's voyeurisitc and captivating and leaves you questioning yourself for quite sometime after it's finished.

For me, the fact that it's moved me beyond my usual state of apathy, that I'm still thinking about it, makes me want to explore and question interesting things further. And that's what I liked about Crash.

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