Monday, September 25, 2006


The perfect weekend consists of a fine balance of doing just enough to stay entertained and little enough to feel indulgently lazy.

So for example say, cups of tea, tv, phone calls, walking in the sunshine, more cups of tea, reading, finding the perfect spot in the sun and delighting in being able to lie about, another cup of tea. Then not waking up the next morning with a hangover either.

Wash, rinse, repeat as desired.

Throw in the perfect pair of pink Asics for only 5000 yen, a comedy show that had pretend trannies, Wendy the Weathergirl, things you never want to hear in a beauticians and a tourette's sufferer in a dating show and THEN as we were walking through Shinsaibashi, two of the sweetest, most nonchalant, real sequined-up trannies on a Sunday evening and right there, you have the almost perfect weekend.

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