Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dancing on Sun Road

Occasionally, while walking through Ono, I encouter some ... peculiar... things. Such as the store called Dorkus, that sells massive beetles.

Tonight's little dose of What The Fuck comes courtesy of whoever decides that random elevator music is not good enough for the wretched citizens of Ono who may happen to be casually strolling down Sun Road, the covered shopping street. As I was coming home this evening, I was sans iPod, and happened to notice that not only was it western music, but it just happened to be the latest Scissor Sister's single I Don't Feel Like Dancing.

Rockstar awesome.


Amanda said...

"the store called Dorkus, that sells massive beetles."

This is what makes Japan great.

Amy said...

When I stuck my head in to satisfy my gaijin curiosity, the dude behind the counter looked like he wanted bury into a pile of sawdust, just like his bugs.